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From very young ages, Darren and Brittany both knew entrepreneurship was something they both wanted. Growing up in very small towns (400 or less) and with entrepreneurial families; they were taught good work ethics and most importantly that you need to keep faith and not give up. At age 21 Darren had been in the HVAC industry for about 3 years when he decided to take the leap and start his own company. So, with one truck, his only one car garage attached to his house, and a strong work ethic, he began.

There have been many ups and downs along the way, but through faith in God, and a continuous fight of never quitting, we are blessed to have grown into a company. We moved our business to the nearest town to us, Linn, and from there on, the sky has been the limit. We work with wonderful clients in all of central Missouri and have grown as individuals in so many ways. We continue to grow our company with wonderful employees to develop an outstanding service department as well as a top-notch installation department for custom homes. We continue to give God all the glory for keeping us strong and the ability to take the next step in our journey. We are excited to continue to grow and see what opportunities are in our future.