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Linn, MO Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Brandt Heating, Air Conditioning, Fire & Stone is proud to serve the Linn community!

We are proud to be part of this community, serving your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you need repair, replacement or a new installation of a furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or air filtration system, we get the job right the first time. Our certified technicians service all furnace and air conditioning make and models.

Please call us today at (573) 897-0744 to consult with our home comfort specialist.

About Linn, MO - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Linn is a small Missouri town with a big heart. The people are welcoming and diverse. The weather is moderate and seasonal. They value their heritage but look to the future with excitement and optimism. It is a hometown that many are proud to claim and the Linn State Technical College (LSTC), a vocational-technical college attracts young people looking to further their education and gain skills.

The town is still small and close knit and everyone knows everyone. But, no one minds. This is the type of community that thrives on cooperation. There are only two schools in town, separated PK – 6, and 7-12th grade. There is no middle school. There is also a private school on Main Street – St. George Catholic Church. The weather is seasonal so you see a little bit of everything throughout the year and your kids will enjoy snow in winter and sunshine in the summer.

The family oriented atmosphere of the town is alluring to many parents. So, there is a healthy mix of young college aged people learning their trade at the local technical college with a great many families. It is a peaceful town that most people would imagine when thinking of Missouri and the Midwest in general. You’ll find snowmen in yards on Christmas and bicycles on the sidewalks in the summer. There is a great deal to enjoy about calling this town home.

The residents are proud of who they are where they come from. The Osage County Historical Society and Cultural Heritage center is a small but well-stocked museum that will shed light on much of the local culture, lore and ancestry. It is most certainly a great place to bring kids and the family-friendly environment is perfect for any time of year, as the facility is fully cooled and heated.